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What could speculatively designed visions of a digital campus or the classroom of the future look like?


Content Creation

We've created a series of three surrealistic illustrations for The Future Laboratory that represent abstract concepts relating to the future of studying abroad. The illustrations bring to life the future hypotheses as students’ demands, attitudes and behaviours will transform the way universities educate, enrich and entertain.

The Future of Studying Abroad Content Creation Hybrid Campus
The Future of Studying Abroad Content Creation Phygital Classroom
The Future of Studying Abroad Content Creation Peer-to-Peer Spending

Hybrid Campus

»The aim of this illustration is to represent a campus set in 2030, where students will be Radical-Flexers, a 'hybrid generation' where lines blur without distinctions between work, rest and play. In the coming decade, universities will reflect the workplace as flexible, collaborative hubs that adapt to future students’ needs as they prepare for a life of professional nomadism with flexible degree programs and with a desire to test multiple cultures throughout their degree.« 

— The Future Laboratory

The Future of Studying Abroad Content Creation Hybrid Campus

Phygital Classroom

»The aim of this illustration is to represent a smart classroom where advanced digital technologies are applied such as AI, VR, AR and 5G that all have the potential to assist the student learning experience and attract the digital native international student. In this classroom the technology is an extension of themselves, seamlessly integrating it into their relationships and actively socialise in mixed reality and smart sensor enabled virtual environments.«

— The Future Laboratory

The Future of Studying Abroad Content Creation Phygital Classroom

Peer-to-Peer Spending

»The aim of this illustration is to represent how Gen Z will spend money. Digital tools and peer-to-peer payment systems are going to help students enter a financial future by using biometric authentication with unique physical markers such as face and voice-activated payments as this is Generation Z’s favoured peer-to-peer payment systems. Gen Z is looking for communities of likeminded souls, and look for financial tools to help them share purpose through social and peer- to-peer platforms. They also look for ways to spend and invest sustainably, tracking the environmental impact of each credit card transaction, and are interested in how technology will help evaluate the resilience of their purchases to help them budget and plan ahead.«

— The Future Laboratory

The Future of Studying Abroad Content Creation Peer-to-Peer Spending

We help people, brands and organizations to design the communication with their environment. The core of our work is always to create a basis for sustainable relationships and to build community.


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The foundation of our work is to understand you and your challenges. For us, this means: listening, learning and analyzing. This is the only way we can set common, sustainable and value-creating goals. This strategic and conceptual work is essential for a goal-oriented design.

  • Research and Analysis
  • Input and Insights
  • Values, Mission and Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming
  • Guidelines


Design is a powerful tool. It helps us to authentically express your identity. It has an internal and external effect. Design organizes and structures your content, making it more accessible. Holistic and long-term thinking, design becomes a company value for you.

  • Visual Identity and Design Systems
  • Webdesign
  • Web Development
  • Graphic- and Editorial Design
  • Stationary
  • Print Production
  • Spatial Design and Signage


Communication becomes sustainable and valuable when it contributes something of relevance to topics. In order to excite your target group for your topics, you need content that both informs and inspires. It's equally important to understand the context and use the right channels.

  • Art Direction
  • Photography and Video
  • 3D Visuals
  • Motion Design
  • Tone of Voice
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Concepts

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How We Do It →

How We Do It →

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We love to partner with ambitious and visionary clients. Our approach is driven by curiosity for your tasks and passion for our craft. We have high demands on our own work. That’s why we promote and demand an honest and constructive dialogue throughout our shared process. Together we're going new ways, question conventions and therefore we'll always learn something from each other in the process.

Let's start a project together. We are always happy to discuss opportunities. Just write us an email or give us a call.

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