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2023 has been an eventful year for HalloBasis. We finally found our base in Frankfurt am Main. Our profile as a design studio for brand, digital and content has continued to sharpen. We were also honoured to serve as lecturers, sharing our experience and skills with a new generation of designers. Last but not least, we have had the opportunity to contribute to exciting and meaningful projects. None of this would have been possible without reliable, courageous and forward-thinking partners and collaborators. From the bottom of our hearts – thank you!


  • 6x Visual Identity
  • 5x Website
  • 5x Visual Content Creation
  • 4x Printed Matter
  • 3x Event Branding
  • 2x Fair Stand Design
  • 1x Signage

Business Partners

  • Aleri Solutions GmbH
  • Cassini AG
  • Cassini Consulting AG
  • Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar
  • Landesanstalt für Medien NRW
  • PolyCare Research Technology GmbH & Co. KG
  • Pop Up Music Productions
  • Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale
  • Schlaraffenburger Streuobst gGmbH
  • Sygnia Limited
  • Team Schwiebbe Oster Zahnmedizin
  • Wissel GmbH


  • Anna Erdelen | Webdevelopment
  • Max Isele | Product Photography
  • Max Löffler | Illustration
  • Matthias Gallo | Webdevelopment
  • Morphoria | Branddesign
  • Please Don't Touch | Scenography
  • NOIE Studio | Interior Design
  • Tim Maurer | Webdevelopment
  • Verena Rosa Gräf | Copywriting

Q1 – Spring

At the beginning of the year, we delved into a familiar realm: sustainability. RWZ, one of the largest agricultural trading houses in Germany, entrusted us with crafting their sustainability report.

RWZ Sustainability Report brochure cover mockup
Softcover printed on eco-friendly ›crushed corn‹ paper
RWZ Sustainability Report Overview Layouts
Overview of page types and layout variations
RWZ Sustainability Report iPad Version
Report also designed for digital devices
Initial imagery concept

Simultaneously, we ventured into a new arena – culture. For instance, we collaborated with Please Don’t Touch, a fellow design studio specializing in scenography, in a pitch for the exhibition design for the Max Ernst Museum. Additionally, we shaped the visual identity and website for Rigythm, a series of jazz concerts in Switzerland, in collaboration with Timothy Maurer.

Rigythm Logo with sublime

We've also been invited to the University of Mainz, our alma mater, to give a talk on our journey as a young design studio – or in other words, "How To Screw Up Successfully". We took this opportunity to start our recruitment campaign for the vacant position of digital designer.

Johannes and Felix Speaking

Q2 – Summer

Starting from the summer term of 2023, we kicked off teaching at HBK Saar. In our course titled "Digital Design for the Real World" students embarked on an exploration of how digital products can facilitate community engagement and address local challenges effectively.

Cover of our presentations for
›Digital Design for the Real World‹ lecture series
Student looks at digital lecture plan on smartphone
Mobile version for overview of lectures
Felix and Johannes enjoying pizza with students after final presentation
Pizza and beer after final presentation
Visual linklist as inspirational resource for students

Meanwhile, the vision of our new office in Frankfurt am Main became clearer with the assistance of our friends from NOIE Studio. We aimed to create a space that not only serves as an excellent workplace but also offers the opportunity to host everything from exhibitions to workshops.

Draft of new office layout
Simplified draft of our new office layout
Draft of new kitchen
Simplified draft of our new kitchen

We also had the pleasure of launching the new product brand SEMBLA, which we developed and designed in collaboration with our long-time client and partner Polycare. Check out the full case study.

Assembly Made Circular
Limited resources. Unlimited possibilities.
Using materials that reduce CO₂
Typographic system reflects the masonry system

Q3 – Autumn

As our annual field trip, we revisited the Dutch Design Week. Our appreciation for the socially driven and often humorous design approach of the Dutch design community never fails to leave us inspired. It always offers fresh perspectives and ideas across various design disciplines.

Friend group sitting at a blue large table talking
Thao and Pauline standing in a colorful room
Real life facefilter glasses
Felix with self made flower chain
Pauline and Bastian on a Swing
Johannes and Felix sitting
Colorfull Poncho
Graduate Exhibition Eindhoven Car
Johannes sitting in front of Screen
Delicious food on a table
Pauline sitting on a table
Thomas attaching stickers
Pauline and Thao looking at a table with gras
Johannes and Pauline standing in front of a table
Pauline in front of scarfs
Thao holding drinks
Felix with motion tracking

Furthermore, we assisted Schlaraffenburger, the orchard specialist unique in Central Europe, in making their brand and communication future-proof. This extensive strategic process encompassed everything from brand positioning to revamping their product range and from developing a contemporary digital presence to creating an extensive set of documentary content for their digital channels.

Drone flight over Schlaraffenburger orchard meadow
Playful parallax effect in illustration on website
Flyer to engage with community
Flyer to engage with orchard community
Alex Vorbeck harvesting apples
Schlaraffenburger founder Alex harvesting apples

Q4 – Winter

In the final quarter of 2023, our new office space began to take shape and form. After a lot of hard work, moments of joy, and occasional frustration, we were thrilled to finally set foot on our shiny floors.

Axe in Wall
Felix and Johannes at work
Dog at the Office
Felix taping of the floor
Katha at the Office

Towards the end of last year, we gave the corporate design of Wissel GmbH a facelift, focusing particularly on creating new product and process visualizations. Currently, we are collaborating with Matthias Gallo on implementing the new website, including the integration of an online shop connected to the enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

Wissel Website Preview on Tablet
Website Element Dropdown Wissel

In the second semester of our teaching at HBK Saar, we conducted a week-long workshop where students were tasked with bringing poster design to life through motion. Under the on-going theme of "Digital Design for the Real World" students explored the necessity of responsive design for various formats and different media.

Johannes talking to students
Student standing on a chair with a camera
Johannes talking to friends
Student presenting

Finally, we want to share some first impressions of the results from our partnership with the great NOIE Studio. In exchange for redesigning our office, we redesigned their visual appearance and website. We created a unique three-dimensional wordmark that matches their holistic approach to interior design.

NOIE Studio Business Card

What's Next?

The new year started off busy right away. We began our strategic and creative partnership with the South African financial services provider Sygnia. Additionally we're collaborating with HBK Saar on something that we have been contemplating since our Master's studies in Düsseldorf. We're hyped for an exciting 2024, new friendships, and bold projects aimed at making a positive change.

Let's Work Together →

Let's Work Together →

Let's Work Together →

Let's Work Together →

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We are HalloBasis – a design studio in Frankfurt am Main. The approach in our projects as well as in our company is to always build sustainable relationships and community.

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