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How should the construction industry change to meet climate goals and ensure economic sustainability?

Logotype on 3D visual of blocks

SEMBLA® by Polycare

We have been commissioned to help Polycare bringing a new product to life and to the European market. SEMBLA® the new masonry system is circular down to the smallest detail – from production to dismantling. It offers maximum flexibility in new construction and existing structures. SEMBLA® is designed to transform the building industry to achieve climate goals and to enable economically sustainable construction. Renewable, circular, and emissions-free. A big thanks to everybody who was involved in this passion project and especially to Andreas Kunsmann and Isabel Faller for their trust and the on-going partnership.

  • Pauline Gebauer | 3D Visualizations
  • Bastian Hansl | Motion Design
  • Anna Erdelen | Web Development



Content Creation


3D rendering for a exhibition stand a a trade fair

Exhibition Stand


We assessed 50 potential names for URL availability and trademark registration. Alongside Polycare executives and investors, we wholeheartedly chose SEMBLA® – a neologism out of ›Simple‹, ›Circular‹, and ›Assembly‹


Johannes Winkler

We developed a dynamic product brand based on the Polycare company brand. The communication for SEMBLA® balances bold and direct claims with precise data-focused information. The new brand design aims to express circularity by utilizing motion design loops, animated endless ribbons, and typographic motifs inspired by the product itself – the circular masonry. A modular design system enables the in-house team to quickly respond to current events with simple campaigns.

Masonry system
Typographic system
Layout »Up & Down«
Layout »Round & Round«
Fictional Graph
Number Count Module


When we started our collaboration in early 2020, prompted by a recommendation, it became evident that we had discovered our strategic partner for shaping our brand platform. This encompassed the development of our vision, value proposition, and tonality. HalloBasis shares our passion for innovation and systemic change, dedicated to creating a better future for upcoming generations. The partnership feels inherently natural, serving as the bedrock for delivering excellent results that significantly influence our business and position us as a fast-moving innovator in the market.


Andreas Kunsmann, CEO

We supported the Polycare team in effectively communicating topics such as the USP, product features, and overall impact. Further we created self-explanatory and precise visualizations of the circular masonry system already during the development phase of their new product – from production through the system itself to application. For the imagery we relied on partially animated 3D renderings, allowing us to depict the product in detail and to abstractly visualize fictional concepts or processes.

Instagram Post: Limited Resources. Unlimited Possibilities.
Instagram post: Big ideas. Small footprint.
3D rendering of urban building concept
Schematic 3D rendering of the connection between geopolymer binder and rubble
Schematic 3D rendering of binder rubble mix forming building block


I collaborated closely with HalloBasis to develop a compelling storytelling framework. We crafted various storylines tailored to our diverse audience. What particularly appealed to me was the incorporation of the hero's journey structure in our narratives. The extensive toolkit, comprised of diverse text blocks and visuals that we co-created, is highly versatile and enables us to seamlessly integrate our content across a wide array of media and channels.


Isabel Faller, Business Development Manager

In order to facilitate a quick and less resource-intensive development, we've crafted a concise yet versatile set of modules for the new website. These modules simplified the collaborative creation and consolidation of all information needed on the website. So together with Polycare we’ve managed to draft various page types as wireframes online, ranging from the ›Product‹ page to the ›About‹ page. Ultimately, a straightforward and future-proof Headless CMS empowers Polycare to effortlessly publish and manage their online content by themselves.

Smartphone laying on concrete surface displaying the mobile stage of the product website
Mobile website displaying numbers in big typography
SEMBLA Website 3 column images module
Desktop version of number count module
SEMBLA website list with headlines
3D rendering for a exhibition stand a a trade fair

For events and trade shows, booth setups are typically produced for single-use and are discarded afterwards. In line with circularity principles, we strive to design as many elements as possible to be reusable or adaptable – therefore often as digital formats. The digital information ecosystem which we have developed in collaboration with Polycare for sembla.de and their social media channels has significantly streamlined this process. Our approach still focuses on creating as many interfaces as possible between analog and digital media.

Freely combinable explanatory videos to support stand management
QR code displayed on print motive of exhibition stand
Optional QR-stickers for direct links to specific website sections
Clothing for exhibition staff
3D rendering on pile of blocks on palette
Palette with SEMBLA blocks as an exhibition item

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Build Up → Dismantle →

Build Up → Dismantle →

Build Up → Dismantle →

Build Up → Dismantle →

We help people, brands and organizations to design the communication with their environment. Therefore we specialize in developing visual identity, designing digital experiences and creating content.

SEMBLA® Logotype


Assembly Made Circular

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The foundation of our work is to understand you and your challenges. For us, this means: listening, learning and analyzing. This is the only way we can set common, sustainable and value-creating goals. This strategic and conceptual work is essential for a goal-oriented design.

  • Research and Analysis
  • Input and Insights
  • Values, Mission and Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming
  • Brand and Design Guidelines
  • Social Media Concepts


Design is a powerful tool. It helps us to authentically express your identity. It has an internal and external effect. Design organizes and structures your content, making it more accessible. Holistic and long-term thinking, design becomes a company value for you.

  • Visual Identity and Design Systems
  • Webdesign and Development
  • Graphic- and Editorial Design
  • Means of Communication
  • Print Production
  • Spatial Design and Signage


Communication becomes sustainable and valuable when it contributes something of relevance to topics. In order to excite your target group for your topics, you need content that both informs and inspires. It's equally important to understand the context and use the right channels.

  • Art Direction
  • Photography and Video
  • 3D Visuals
  • Motion Design
  • Illustration
  • Tone of Voice
  • Copywriting

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