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Designing for Community

Assembly Made Circular. Take a look at the brand and digital media we developed for Polycare's new building system.

SEMBLA® – Assembly Made Circular. 3D rendered visual for Polycare's new circular building system

What does it take for a corporation to strengthen its internal culture and encourage exchange between all its teams?

Cassini AG

How do you find a new visual language for a revolutionary technology in a very traditional field of business?

Polycare Brand Identity Design Sand Building

Can design create a calming and trusting experience for patients and team of a dentistry?

Team Schwiebbe Oster
Team Schwiebbe Oster Zahnmedizin Visual Identity

How does the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW act against unjust behavior in the fluid landscape of the wild wild web?

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Which award honores a company properly that defines an entire industry in the long term?

Marken des Jahrhunderts

For our dear friend and photographer Sebastian Wolf we designed and developed his new online portfolio.

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Sebastian Wolf Photography Webdesign

How do you design a brand and its development process for a company's engaging culture?

OSCAR Consulting

HalloBasis is a design studio located in Frankfurt am Main. We help brands and organizations to design the communication with their environment. Therefore we specialize in creating visual identity, designing digital experiences and creating content. Our focus is on sustainable and brave projects and partnerships.

Our studio in Frankfurt am Main
Portrait of the HalloBasis team
The core team: Pauline, Johannes and Felix

We love to partner with ambitious and visionary clients. Our approach is driven by curiosity for your tasks and passion for our craft. We have high demands on our own work. That’s why we promote and demand an honest and constructive dialogue throughout our shared process. Together we’re going new ways, question conventions and therefore we’ll always learn something from each other.

Let’s Start A Project →

Let’s Start A Project →

Let’s Start A Project →

Let’s Start A Project →

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