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What does it take for a corporation to strengthen its internal culture and encourage exchange between all its teams?

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LECTURES/22 is the annual event that Cassini AG organizes for its four subsidiaries. It is about interdisciplinary exchange between all departments such as consultants, software developers and HR managers. This year's event took place at six locations across Germany. Lectures and entertainment were streamed from two main stages to the four other locations.

Cassini Consulting Cloud Logo
DIG Cloud Logo
Aleri Cloud Logo

The Story

Due to the spatial division across the six locations, »Put Your Heads In The Cloud« was the chosen theme of the event. The cloud as a ubiquitous medium that provides knowledge everywhere and to which everyone can contribute. So for the event branding we designed a variety of abstract clouds that collide, symbolically exchanging ideas and energy. All in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

  • Matthias Berghoff | Project Owner
  • Stefanie Nienhaus | Project Management
  • Jennifer Jülicher | Project Management
  • Pauline Gebauer | 3D Design
all stylized clouds fly around
Cassini LECTURES/22 Layout System
Stickerset with cloud renderings
CEO and host welcome everyone to the event


We created abstract cloudscapes that broadened the horizons for the LECTURES/22 event. With CGI, we were able to bring the unseen to life. These abstract visuals inspired the guests to talk to each other about it and encouraged them to exchange their ideas.


Pauline Gebauer, 3D Designer at HalloBasis

two stylized clouds bounce against each other

Means of Communication

Various digital communication channels were used to ensure efficient, resource-saving planning and execution of the event. In close coordination with the internal team and the event technicians, all the necessary communication materials and the design of the live stream were developed in just a few weeks.

Cassini Lectures Wallet
Cassini LECTURES/22 App
Employees using the event app to participate in a poll
Digital poster of the agenda hanging in the office hallway
Three employees sitting together talking
two stylized clouds bounce against each other

Wayfinding and Signage

In order to bring the story to life in the Cassini work:spaces across Germany, there was a simple signage system in addition to atmospheric animations. Part of the task was also a concept for naming the rooms – all in the spirit of »Put Your Heads in The Cloud«. Furthermore, two stages were designed, which were also the background for the live broadcasts.

Cassini LECTURES/22 Entrance Display
Cassini LECTURES/22 Event Branding Signage
Employee presenting his keynote
Cassini LECTURES/22 Event Branding Wayfinding
DJ in front of the stage design


With the HalloBasis team, we were able to discuss concepts at eye level and benefit from new impulses, as well as count on a reliable partner in the area of implementation. Despite tight timing!


Matthias Berghoff, Manager Culture & Organisation Cassini AG

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Cassini LECTURES/22 Put Your Heads In The Cloud

We help people, brands and organizations to design the communication with their environment. Therefore we specialize in developing visual identity, designing digital experiences and creating content.

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The foundation of our work is to understand you and your challenges. For us, this means: listening, learning and analyzing. This is the only way we can set common, sustainable and value-creating goals. This strategic and conceptual work is essential for a goal-oriented design.

  • Research and Analysis
  • Input and Insights
  • Values, Mission and Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming
  • Brand and Design Guidelines
  • Social Media Concepts


Design is a powerful tool. It helps us to authentically express your identity. It has an internal and external effect. Design organizes and structures your content, making it more accessible. Holistic and long-term thinking, design becomes a company value for you.

  • Visual Identity and Design Systems
  • Webdesign and Development
  • Graphic- and Editorial Design
  • Means of Communication
  • Print Production
  • Spatial Design and Signage


Communication becomes sustainable and valuable when it contributes something of relevance to topics. In order to excite your target group for your topics, you need content that both informs and inspires. It's equally important to understand the context and use the right channels.

  • Art Direction
  • Photography and Video
  • 3D Visuals
  • Motion Design
  • Illustration
  • Tone of Voice
  • Copywriting

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