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How do you find a new visual language for a revolutionary technology in a very traditional field of business?

Polycare Brand Identity Sand Building

To drive circularity and empowerment, Polycare develops innovative construction technology. This enables sustainable and livable buildings for the future. Together we identified two main interest groups: Investors and the general public. By sensitizing the general public for the topic of »circular and sustainable construction« the goal was to trigger a pull-effect on potential investors.

Polycare Shirt

Visual Identity

Polycare Mobile Website


Printed Matter

Printed Matter

Polycare Content Creation

Content Creation

Polycare Shirt

Visual Identity

With Polycare we developed a simple vision for their sophisticated product: »The Future of Building Is Circular«. In conclusion their new visual identity needed to reflect simplicity and sophistication alike. To break with the usually very descriptive and technical design language of the building industry we added more human and inspirational visual codes. Together with their team in Namibia we made sure, that the new visual language resonates both with African and European markets.

Polycare – Stack of Investor Broshures
Polycare Material
Polycare Messaging
Polycare Renderings
Polycare Production
Polycare Detailtypography
Polycare Polyblocks


Design and communication is a crucial part of our transformation towards a circular company. To reach our goals and to push the Polycare brand to the next level we needed a longterm strategic partner that is abled to answer our need for great analog and digital concepts and media.


Andreas Kunsmann | COO of Polycare

Polycare Website


The digital representation of Polycare serves as the central information platform for all interest groups. The focus was to structure the huge amount of content and making it intuitively accessible. Therefore we created different levels of complexity: From a quick overview to in-depth details.

Polycare Website Menu
Polycare Website Mobile
Polycare Investorspitch

Investor Pitch

One of the most challenging communication tasks for an upcoming company is to convince investors to support their ambitious goals. In todays fast-moving world of startups, investors are confronted with endless investment opportunities. Therefore we wanted to slow things down and developed an outstanding high-quality print product – instead of a digital pitch deck.

  • Druckerei Zimmermann | Print
Polycare Investorpitch Stacked
Polycare Investorpitch Outside
Polycare Investorpitch Content
Polycare Investorpitch Inside
Polycare Investorpitch Inside
Polycare Investorpitch Inside
Polycare Rendering Explosion

Content Creation

Polycare’s field of work connects a broad range of topics. Our task was to find adequate and diverse forms of visualization, but all of which deposit the recognizability of the brand. So we developed a striking imagery which represents the simple yet bold mission. This is accompanied by schematic but playful 3D graphics which make the product understandable. Most importantly we created a style guide, that enables creatives like photographers worldwide to be on-brand, when they work for Polycare.

  • Nicolas Schönberger | Video & Animation
  • Sebastian Wolf | Photography Europe
  • Pauline Gebauer | Renderings
  • Nuka-Nuka | Photo & Video Namibia
Polycare Material
Polycare Material
Polycare Worker
Polycare Kindergarten
Polycare Kindergarten

To learn more about Polycare and understand the context of the project, feel free to click the link below to browse their homepage. Have fun!

Visit Polycare

We help people, brands and organizations to design the communication with their environment. Therefore we specialize in developing visual identity, designing digital experiences and creating content.

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The foundation of our work is to understand you and your challenges. For us, this means: listening, learning and analyzing. This is the only way we can set common, sustainable and value-creating goals. This strategic and conceptual work is essential for a goal-oriented design.

  • Research and Analysis
  • Input and Insights
  • Values, Mission and Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming
  • Brand and Design Guidelines
  • Social Media Concepts


Design is a powerful tool. It helps us to authentically express your identity. It has an internal and external effect. Design organizes and structures your content, making it more accessible. Holistic and long-term thinking, design becomes a company value for you.

  • Visual Identity and Design Systems
  • Webdesign and Development
  • Graphic- and Editorial Design
  • Means of Communication
  • Print Production
  • Spatial Design and Signage


Communication becomes sustainable and valuable when it contributes something of relevance to topics. In order to excite your target group for your topics, you need content that both informs and inspires. It's equally important to understand the context and use the right channels.

  • Art Direction
  • Photography and Video
  • 3D Visuals
  • Motion Design
  • Illustration
  • Tone of Voice
  • Copywriting

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